Terms and Conditions





In order to confirm your chosen arrangements, you must pay a deposit as required by the Owner.  50% of the cost of your chosen arrangements or full payment if booking within 8 weeks of departure.

Bookings can be accepted in writing, via our online official booking form or by telephone. When you submit a booking via our online reservation system you will receive an automatically generated booking summary by email to the email address you provide in the booking form. This does not amount to a booking confirmation and nor does it form a contract between us or between you and the Owner.

Your booking is confirmed and a contract between you and the supplier will exist when we send you confirmation. Please check your confirmation carefully and report any incorrect or incomplete information to us immediately.

If you have paid a deposit, you must pay the full balance by the balance due date notified to you. If full payment is not received by the balance due date, we may cancel your booking and charge the cancellation fees set out in their booking conditions.

Payment for any booked arrangements must be made by credit or debit card payment.

You also acknowledge that you are at all times responsible for the security of your communications, either with ourselves or the Owner. You should take care to ensure that you take necessary precautions to protect yourself against fraudulent communications.


A damage deposit to the value of between £250 (The Hut) and £1000 (Durns) will be collected after departure if damage is found. We will then return the amount, less the damage, after inspections. We do not like to leave our guests without such a large sum of money during their holiday.

Guests will receive a damage report.

This is for the purpose of reimbursing the Owner in the event the Guest or anyone in their group staying at the Property causes either excessive damage or incurs a need for extra cleaning or leaves the Property without settling invoices for additional services or supplies received during their stay.

The Guest will be notified in writing of the details of any extra costs incurred within 7 working days following the let. The Owner reserves the right to determine what constitutes ‘damage’ however this will not include reasonable wear and tear e.g. a broken plate/glass. The Guest’s liability is not limited to the value of the deposit.


We reserve the right to amend advertised prices at any time. We also reserve the right to correct errors in both advertised and confirmed prices.

Special note: changes and errors sometimes occur.  The information and prices shown on any advertising material that we issue may have changed by the time you come to book your arrangements. Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information and prices at the time of printing, regrettably errors do occasionally occur. You must therefore ensure you check the price and all other details of your chosen arrangements with us at the time of booking.

Unless stated otherwise all prices are quoted inclusive of VAT and prices are advertised on a per property per stay basis.


You are strongly recommended to take out personal travel insurance for all members of your party. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance you purchase is adequate and appropriate for your particular needs. Please read your policy details on receipt and take them with you on holiday.


If you have any special requests please let us know at the time of booking. Please let us know and we will do our best to ensure these requirements are met.


Please read our cancellation terms.


The property details as advertised on our website state the maximum number of persons permitted to occupy the property and grounds. Any breach of this provision will permit the Owner to terminate the booking forthwith, in their absolute discretion, in which event all monies, including deposits, paid by you will be forfeited.


By making a booking of your chosen arrangements, you warrant to the applicable Owner that:


Any queries or concerns during your stay must be addressed to the Property Manager – as shown on the house documents provided. If you have a problem, or find a breakage on check-in, please tell us immediately. Please take pictures if you can and email them to us.


These Terms and Conditions are governed in all respects by English law. We both agree that any dispute, claim or other matter which arises between us out of or in connection with these Conditions will be dealt with by the Courts of England and Wales only. You may however, choose the law and jurisdiction of Scotland or Northern Ireland if you live in those places and if you wish to do so.


All ratings are as provided by the Owner. These are intended to give a guide to the services and facilities you should expect from your accommodation.




The properties that we feature are ordinarily accessible no earlier than 5pm, on the day of arrival. They must be vacated no later than 10:00 am on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed.

Please enquire if you would like to leave a bit later. Weekly breaks run Friday to Friday unless otherwise agreed. Weekends run Friday to Monday. Midweek rentals run from Monday to Friday.
If you arrive early you may not be admitted to the property until the above times.


You must tell us if you are bringing your pet when you make your booking. We supply dog beds, bowls, dog poop bags and a dog poop bin. Pets will only be allowed on the clear understanding that in no circumstances may they lie on the bedding or chairs or sofas or go upstairs. Pets must not be left unattended in properties or elsewhere. Animals other than dogs can only be accepted with specific permission from the owner. All pet mess must be removed by you.

You must ensure that your dogs or pets, do not cause damage to any part of the property, inside and out, or to the neighbouring properties. If there is damage from a pet residing during your booking please do expect to be charged for this damage. Excessive barking from dogs whether off or on leads may be considered damage if it is considered a nuisance by others using the neighbouring areas.

Dog charges:

We charge £40 per dog per stay.

You must also ensure that your dogs do not, in any way, damage, distress or disrupt the natural behaviour of farmed or free roaming animals in the area. To do this may cause the Owner to terminate your booking with no entitlement to any refund of monies paid.

We do not allow dogs from the Dangerous Dogs list to stay in our properties. You must tell us the age and size of your dog on booking to check the Owner is happy with the dog staying.

People MUST clean up after their dogs. Poo bags MUST be left in the black dustbin bags and in the dustbins. Do not leave them beside the outside doors for anyone else to deal with. We do not want to handle your dog poo.

Dogs are asked to stay on leads at the properties.

Dogs must not be left unattended in the property or garden.

And finally – If your dog makes a mess on soft furnishings, carpets, rugs etc, please let us know. We will help you find the things to clean it. If you don’t we will charge you what it costs us to sort it out.



All descriptions and content on our website are intended to present a general idea of the services provided by us. Not all details of the relevant services can be included on our website. All services shown are subject to availability. If you require any further details, in respect of any accommodation or any other services please contact us.

Include the first named person on the booking and all persons on whose behalf a booking is made or any other person to whom a booking is added or transferred.


A contract shall arise when your booking is confirmed in writing via a letter of confirmation sent to you by email.

For bookings made more than 8 weeks prior to the tenancy commencement date, a deposit of 50% of the rent must be delivered with the completed booking form.

If a booking is made less than 8 weeks before the commencement date the full rent together with any additional charges must be tendered at the time of delivery of our booking form.

Please note, we try to prepare the property based on the information that you provide to us during the booking process. As such, if you have any requests etc. then you must let us know at the time of booking. If you fail to provide us with any such information, then we will not be responsible for any dissatisfaction you may have with the property as a result.


Once we have accepted the booking you are liable for the payment of the balance of rent together with any additional charges 8 weeks before the start date of the rental period.

Non-payment by the due dates will be treated as a cancellation and we may re let the property without reference to you. In such circumstances you will remain liable for the payment for the full amount on the same basis as in the event of cancellation.


We reserve the right to amend prices quoted online due to errors or admissions.


Payment must be made by credit or debit card payment.

If you make a payment to anyone other than ourselves, we cannot refund your mistake.


You acknowledges that he/she/they are authorised to sign the online booking form on behalf of all persons who will occupy the property for the period for which it has been booked and that all those persons are aware of the booking conditions. You shall be a member of the party occupying the property and to be over 18 years of age and is /are required to acknowledge the following.

We need to know the total number of people staying, and preferably their names. We must know of any day visitors, and any change in the members of the party shall be notified in writing to us as soon as it is practicable – if you wish to make any change to your party during your stay, you must contact the Owner, in order to obtain our permission. In such circumstances, we may, at our discretion, refuse to accept any such change in which event the booking shall be deemed to have been cancelled.

Any breach of this provision will constitute a breach of contract where upon we may terminate the booking forthwith in which event all monies, including deposits, paid by you will be forfeit.

We reserve the right to refuse admittance to any member of the party if in the our absolute opinion the Applicant or any person of the group is unsuitable for the property due to age, ill health, disability, inexperience, or any other good and proper reason not otherwise being a breach of these conditions. In such an event all sums paid by you shall be repaid in full and the contract shall be discharged without further liability on either party.

We reserve the right to repossess the property at any time where damage has been caused by you or any member of the group or in our absolute opinion is likely to be cause by you or any member of the group or other person visiting the property at the invitation of any such person. In such an event the owners shall not be liable to make any refund whatsoever.


Bookings will not be accepted from.

Applicants under the age of 18 years of age

Groups of single persons under the age of 25, or single sex groups except by prior arrangement.

We do not accept stag and hen do’s.


The Property shall not be used for any commercial purposes without the prior consent of the Owner. Any persons other than members of your party must not use the facilities at the Property without prior agreement (additional charges may apply). The Guest must not use the Property or allow its use for any dangerous, offensive, noisy, illegal or immoral activities or carry on there any act that may be a nuisance or annoyance to Owner or to any neighbours. Sleeping in vehicles, including caravans, parked at or nearby the property is not permitted. The Owner reserves the right to refuse entry to the entire party for any breach of these terms and conditions



This agreement is made on the basis that the property is to be occupied by you for a holiday as mentioned in the Housing Act schedule 1 paragraph 9 and you acknowledge that the tenancy granted by this agreement is not an assured tenancy and that no statutory periodic tenancy will arise when it ends.


You agree:

To be responsible for all guests that you invite onto the property;

To advise the owner in advance if you intend to have any day-visitors at the property;

To use appropriate crockery and glassware depending upon where you choose to eat and drink in the property, this is of particular importance if a swimming pool is provided, you must ensure that you use appropriate and safe cutlery / crockery around the pool , should you fail to do so this will be considered as negligence on your part and you will be held responsible for any losses or damage arising as a result;

To comply with hot tub regulations advised to you;

To pay for any losses or damages to the property, including contents, however caused, (reasonable wear and tear excluded) unless the cost of making good such loss or damage can be fully recovered by any householders insurance policies maintained by the owners whereby you will pay the policy excess.

To take good care of the property and to leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the tenancy.

To permit us or our Agents or Licensees or tradespeople reasonable access to the property at all times.

Not to part with possession of the property or share it except with members of the party identified on the booking form.

NOISE Not to cause any annoyance or nuisance to neighbours of adjoining premises, to include noises before 7.30 am or after 10.00 pm and not to play music so as to be audible outside the property.

FIREWORKS Not to release, light or ‘let off’ fireworks from the property or inside the property at any time. This includes any type of floating lantern. To do this will immediately cause any and all deposits to be fully retained by the booking agent and/or owner. Guests will be asked to leave and neighbours may claim on guests directly for damage to property and animals. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the property.


The provision of wireless broadband internet access is a complimentary facility and The Owner shall accept no liability for loss of coverage or quality where technical problems are experienced. Your usage must be reasonable, without excessive downloads. You must not use the Service to access Internet Services, or send or receive e-mails, which are defamatory, threatening, intimidatory or which could be classed as harassment; contain obscene, profane or abusive language or material; contain pornographic material (that is text, pictures, films, video clips of a sexually explicit or arousing nature); contain offensive or derogatory images regarding sex, race, religion, colour, origin, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition or sexual orientation; contain material which infringe third party’s rights (including intellectual property rights); in our reasonable opinion may adversely affect the manner in which we carry out our business; or are otherwise unlawful or inappropriate


The use of the property or any amenity that may be provided by us are entirely at your risk and no responsibility can be taken for any loss, damage, or injury to persons who make use of them or any belongings of the persons who use them.

All cars and other vehicles are parked entirely at your risk. We can take no responsibility for any loss of damage to any car, vehicle or any contents thereof.

Whilst we will endeavour to return any baggage or personal property left behind after the holiday we can take no responsibility in effect thereof.

 You must be entirely responsible for the safety of any children or adults staying in the property and the surrounding area or being there at their invitation. Leaving boundary gates, or gates within the property boundaries, open, may increase hazard to guests. Many of our properties allow access to open water; sea, river and to roads etc.

Equally – you are responsible for gates during your stay. Gates left open may mean that the wild animals that roam through the National Park can access the property. They can do significant damage to gardens in a very short time. Should this happen, you will be charged for making right any damage.

 We can take no responsibility for any loss or injury to any pet that uses the property.


The property is accessible no earlier than 4pm, on the day of arrival and must be vacated no later than 10am on the day of departure unless otherwise agreed. Please enquire if you would like to leave a bit later.

If you arrive early you may not be admitted to the property until these times.


If for any reason we are not able to provide the property on the date booked because of an event outside our control, then we will contact you as soon as is reasonably practicable to let you know, and we will take reasonable steps to minimise the effect such as offering you an alternative date with a 12 month period of the original date booked or offered a full refund.



All complaints shall be notified to us, or our designated management staff immediately, so that the matter can be investigated and, if necessary remedial action taken. Contact information will be in the house book provided and clearly displayed in the property. Discussion of any issues with the Owner or their staff during your stay will usually enable short-comings to be rectified very quickly. In no circumstances will compensation be paid in respect of complaints raised after the tenancy has ended in circumstances when you have not drawn the matter to our attention, or has denied us the opportunity of investigating the complaint in order to put the matter right during the tenancy. In particular, complaints of a transient nature (for example, regarding preparation or heating of the property) cannot possibly be investigated unless registered whilst the Guest is in residence. No complaints will be considered after 21 days of vacating the property.



We or our representatives shall be allowed access to the property at any reasonable time during the tenancy.



If there shall be a breach of any of these conditions we reserve the right to re enter the property and terminate the tenancy without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to us.




In the event of a discrepancy between these booking conditions and any other contents of any brochure or website these conditions shall prevail.


Many thanks

Lymore New Forest